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Wanna know more bout me? OK! My real name, unfortunately, is not Kitty (try Britany). I live in northern New Jersey, and attend the local high school. I'm 15, 5'5", and completely obsessed with anime, manga, cats, or anything Japanese! Hobbies include rollerblading, AOL, and anime. I'm not really a sports person, but I'm on the cheerleading squad for football. Surfing the net counts as a sport, too, right? The one food that I could eat everyday 24/7 is sushi! I just can't get enough of it nowadays. Since I go to school, I guess I should have a fav subject, huh? Well, art is my favorite. My cat Nike (he's soo cute!) is one of my friends (hes my little neko-chan!), along with some humans (sup Stargirl, Ryoko, Chibi, Steve, Mary, and Tater Tsung!) And what would I be without my family? A hell of a lot more sane(I still love you guys) I'm the outcast, which I totally enjoy. I mean, who wants to be 'normal' and wear pink frilly clothes like a 7-year-old? NOT ME! Black and dark blue are my colors. Well, that's me. Still curious? E-mail me, k?
BTW: I'm married to the bish u c in the little marriage certificate (his name's Eagle) at the right of the page. Wanna marry a bishounen, too? Check out my linx page!

Just thinkin bout all you people who mean lots to me! OMG, I'm getting all mushy, how...sticky! I'll use nicknames, just cause i can! here goes:

Stargirl- keep rockin' out ur style! lylas, and thanx 4 the helpin me with my page! :)
Ryoko- thanx 4 everything, and remember NOT to give up on, um, 'things.'
Chibi- stay short, man! ^^! (sweatdrop)
Steve- u need a nickname, i think! {evil smile} luv ya lots!
Hollie- hi! how ya doin?
Mary- Sasha is workin on 'him' for ya! ;)
Kevin- Please don't kill Sasha! :(
Mom- what are you doing here?!
Eturnity- i'm still here! haha! how's Jah?

I forgot sumbuddy, didn't I? Sorry! I still think bout you, o forgotten one(s)!

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Sephirothangel 7@aol.com

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