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These are my fav Heero and Duo images that I have gathered from websites and such. If I have an image that belongs to you, and I forgot to link your site, lemme know whether you want me to take the image down or link back to you. Thanx! ~Kitty

Heero's taken up modeling!

{melts into a puddle of goo}

Heero with a Puppy

Relena's spies have been at work...

A change of attire? It's a miracle!

Showin ur feminine side, ne, Heero?

What's with the trenchcoat?

Even as a youngster, Heero liked guns...

Who's the guy with the purple hair?



Good profile, huh? One of the better ones :)

Oh no! Not the civillians!


Mmm...is that POCKY i smell?!

I luv this pic!



Those eyes, aren't they pretty?

Do as he says, minna-san!


I'm so sexy...


Eek! A mouse!

This is a really kawaii pic!

Heero: Relena's been kidnapped. Duo: And you're gonna SAVE her?! What the hell's wrong with you?!

A little defiant, eh?


Heero to world: Hands off, he's mine.

Must be *really* cold for him to wear a jacket.